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Originally from Central New York, I have spent much of my life moving around this world.  I have lived in many places, and am also very well-travelled, having spent time in five of our seven continents.  I also spent six years living in Paris, France, where I studied language and culture, and taught in a private bilingual school.

I am interested in the arts as a whole: painting, photography, music, dance, etc, and was raised in a highly artistic family.  My goal as a photographer and artist, is to capture the many facets of life that are ART.  For me, that means I am interested in endless types of both photography and art.  


I enjoy the effects of both natural light and studio light.  I love photographing families, babies, nature, events, landscapes, structures, and spontaneous moments, but I also enjoy staged sessions and other artistic endeavors.

I am also very hands-on.  I love to paint, build and create, and am most happy when I am busy.

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